Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

For Freelancers: Register, build your profile & update your portfolio. We'll send an email notification when a project matching your skills is posted.

For Clients: Simply register, post the project requirements, timeline & budget. You can also order ready-to-sell services.

Browse to Dashboard > Projects > Post New Project menu. Fill up the required details and Save Project.

We'll send you an email notification when a project matching your skills is posted. You can find existing projects & create your ready-to-sell services too from Dashboard. Make sure you add [email protected] to your email address book to avoid such emails being marked as spam/junk.

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Proposal is generally an offer of a price which you submit while applying to a project. It acts as your proposal of price and timeline for the project. You can do so by browsing to Project page & then click 'Send Proposal'.

Also popularly known as gig, these ready-to-sell services are pre-defined services listed by freelancers. Eg. 'I will Design a Logo for $20 in 1 day'. You can order them by browsing to Dashboard > Services > Search Services menu.

Browse to Dashboard > Services > My Services menu & click on Add Service.

You can do so via internal Private Messaging. Please note, only client can initiate messaging.

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We charge 12% project / service commission for users subscribed to Free plan. For more details, please sign in into your account & visit this link.

You can do so by browsing to Dashboard & following the links under 'Tasks Pending'.

Dolancing DevBox is an exclusive feature for Dolancing Users. We provide you an instance of a live server on which websites / web services can be hosted eg. CMS/Scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more.

To get a Dolancing DevBox, please visit

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