Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

Please select your question category is an online marketplace which provides a platform to connect freelancers and hiring clients globally. Clients hire freelancers for their various projects / requirements. We're here to efficiently connect both the parties under one roof.

Dolancing provides you a platform to hire expert freelancers for your projects from around the world. Our freelancers offer wide range of services to cater all your requirements. In short, you can get anything done with the help of our experts.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1. Post Project

Explain your requirement, select skills required in the project & mention your budget. Once the project is posted, our experts will review & bid on the project. You can also invite specific freelancers to bid on the project

Step 2. Select Freelancer

Out of the bids received, review the freelancer’s profiles, compare the proposals and based on your terms, select the best freelancer for your project. Before awarding the project, make sure you discuss the task in detail by contacting freelancer.

Step 3. Discuss & Manage Project

Freelancer will contact you when s/he require any additional information. You can keep a track of project progress from the project page or by contacting the freelancer.

Step 4. Accept Delivery & Release Payment

Once the project is delivered as per your satisfaction, release the payment to the freelancer.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any queries.

Dolancing provides you a platform to showcase & sell your services to clients globally. You can find freelance jobs according to your skills using Dolancing portal. Follow below steps and you’re ready to start freelancing.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1. Register & Build Profile

After you register, build your profile well by mentioning your skills, describing your services and adding your portfolio. Remember, your Dolancing profile is your personal representative, which showcases your core skills and expertise to the potential hiring clients.

Step 2. Apply & Get Hired

Browse projects of your interest & apply on them by sending your proposal to client. Communicate with client to represent your accurate candidature for the project. You are free to contact clients through contact details provided at project page.

Once the project is awarded to you, accept it & ask the client to escrow the funds before you initiate the work. Escrow system makes sure that your funds are safe with us till the project is delivered successfully.

Please note, w.e.f. 22/January/2018, freelancers will NOT be charged any project commission.

Step 3. Complete & Deliver Work

After getting a project, complete it & deliver it as per the agreed terms. You need to update the progress on the project page so that the client can track the work.

Step 4. Get Paid

Once the project is delivered successfully, request the client to release the escrowed funds. After this, funds are released into your Dolancing account & can be further withdrawn to your bank account by raising a withdrawal request.

Freelancers can also create their ready-to-order service from Dashboard > My Services menu.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any queries.

For Freelancers: Register, build your profile & update your portfolio. We'll send an email notification when a project matching your skills is posted.

For Clients: Simply register, post the project requirements, timeline & budget. You can also order ready-to-sell services.

Browse to Dashboard > Projects > Post New Project menu. Fill up the required details and Save Project.

We'll send you an email notification when a project matching your skills is posted. You can find existing projects & create your ready-to-sell services too from Dashboard. Make sure you add [email protected] to your email address book to avoid such emails being marked as spam/junk.

Bid is generally an offer of a price which you submit while applying to a project. Bidding acts as your proposal of price and timeline for the project. You can do so by browsing to Project page & then click ' Bid & Get Contact Details'.

Also popularly known as 'gig', these ready-to-sell services are pre-defined services listed by freelancers. Eg. 'I will do Logo Designing for Rs. 500/- in 1 day'. You can order them by browsing to Dashboard > Projects > Search Services menu.

Browse to Dashboard > Projects > My Services menu & click on Add Service.

Freelancers can contact clients through contact details provided at project page. Clients can contact freelancers after inviting them to bid on the project.

We do not charge any project commission to freelancers w.e.f. 22/January/2018. For more details, please sign in into your account & visit this link.

You can do so by browsing to Dashboard & following the links under 'Tasks Pending'.

Dolancing DevBox is an exclusive feature for Dolancing Users. We provide you an instance of a live server on which websites / web services can be hosted eg. CMS/Scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more.

To get a Dolancing DevBox, please visit

Project/Service cancellation should be mutually agreed by client & freelancer. For any Project/Service cancellation, mail us your cancellation request at support[at] within 24 hours after awarding project/ordering service to freelancer. If this is not followed, refund amount will be partial & will be decided by Dolancing on case to case basis.

Please drop us an email at support[at] with project, client/freelancer details.

Kindly note, Dolancing will not be responsible any dispute caused through external communications, outside Dolancing. This applies on Prime Membership as well.

Yes, to receive funds, we use the best & highly reputed payment gateways like, CCAvenue for Indian customers & PayPal for International customers. Our website also uses 256 bit encryption with 2048 bit key SSL/TLS technique to encrypt the user data.

You can deposit money by browsing to Dashboard > Finance > Deposit Funds menu.

Kindly note, if deposit amount exceeds Rs. 20,000/- INR, we suggest you to use Bank Transfer (NEFT / RTGS / IMPS / Wire Transfer) option to avoid deposit fees.

The client releases the Escrow-ed amount after successful / partial completion of project. Payments are then placed into your Dolancing Account. To withdraw funds to your bank account / PayPal, you're required to raise a fund withdrawal request from Dashboard > Finance > Withdraw Funds menu.

You can raise a money withdrawal request from Dashboard > Finance > Withdraw Funds menu. Currently, we support Bank Transfer (NEFT / RTGS / IMPS) for Indian Users & PayPal Transfer for International Users.

Escrow is a safe, efficient & secure way to pay for work delivered online by involving Dolancing. After the job is awarded, the client deposit funds with Dolancing (Escrow) and releases them when the task is successfully delivered. This gives payment security to freelancers & guarantees proper task delivery to clients.

Browse to Dashboard > Finance > Manage Payments menu. Under 'Outgoing Escrow Payments' tab, choose the project & click on 'Release' in 'Action' column.

Currently, we only support INR (Indian Rupee) currency. We'll soon start supporting other international currencies.

Our payment service providers like, CCAvenue, PayPal charge us some transaction / currency conversion fees to receive funds. Hence we are required to recover that from our customers. We are working on mitigating deposit fees.

No. Asking or providing payments outside violates Terms of Service & users indulging in such activities are liable for appropriate actions.

Generally, Dolancing does not offer any refunds. However, Dolancing has the right to decide whether to provide the refund or not on case to case basis.

Please note, Online Processing/Deposit fees will NOT be refunded under any circumstances.