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Features :

• Rate , Review and report your local service provider
• Storage: Chiblee uses Google Maps, which uses external/USB storage for caching downloaded map information.
• Your location: These permissions are needed to obtain your location so we can help you discover hotels, restaurants, and attractions around you. Network-based location gets a quick location, but is not usually pinpoint accurate. GPS is a bit slower to initially locate you, but is usually more accurate.
• Camera: The Chiblee phone app allows you to take a picture using your Iphone device camera directly.
• Network communication: Allows the app to transmit information to and from your phone via the Internet.
• Your accounts: We are using the Iphone Application Account Manager to store your credentials in a Chiblee account (you can find it in Settings under the Accounts tab). If you remove the app we also remove the Chiblee account on the device.
• System tools: This location provider permission provides more detailed location information so that Chiblee can pick the best possible location source for your current situation. The “test access” permission allows Iphone to check if it can use your external/USB storage for caching map information.


iOS App Development

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