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All you need to know about Freelancing

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Freelancing is the easiest and fastest method to start working & earning. In freelancing, employers post work and freelancers can opt the assignment which suits their interest. Freelancers work on part time or full time basis. Generally freelancers work for multiple employers and are their own boss.

A misconception prevailing in the market says that Freelancers are so called since they work for free. However, that's not true. Freelancers are experienced people in their field and hence charge for their services.

Let's now browse the info-graphic below to understand it better.


It's all about Freelancing

Benefits of Freelancing

Freelancers are their own boss and have freedom to make their own rules. They do not necessarily follow any fixed work schedule and therefore are more satisfied and happy. Being a freelancer you get to learn negotiation skills and make the employer agree on your terms and conditions. Opting for freelancing obviously leaves you with more time for your family and you can maintain your work-life balance. Since you are not working for a single employer operating in a fixed territory, you get global exposure as you can choose where and with whom you wish to get associated. Also, it gives you the freedom to have a hold on your income structure.

The best part of being a freelancer is that you have the freedom to choose your working hours and this results in minimal or no stress. Along with enjoying your work, you always have a room to learn new skills and become an expert in whatever you do.

Why Hire a Freelancer?

Hiring a freelancer is always a matter of concern for employers. Hiring climate have undergone a major shift which has made hiring and retaining employees all the more challenging. In such a scenario, best solution is to engage a freelancer and get the job done.

Still if you are confused about hiring a freelancer, here are certain points that would give you a boost for sure.

  1. Employing a freelancer make specialized skills available to you at comparatively lesser price than a full time employee. Thus, you save money and yet get the job done efficiently.
  2. Freelancers get the job done at odd hours of the day even when you are not there for supervision.
  3. No hierarchical structure and direct communication makes the process fast and speedy delivery of work takes place.
  4. Hiring a freelancer also let employers get the work done from experienced person. In addition, the channel and network of freelancers is an added advantage.

All these benefits make employing freelancers more viable than going for full time employees.

Now that you understand a bit about freelancing, why not work as Freelancer and/or Hire a Freelancer? Register soon on www.dolancing.com :)


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