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Business Benefits of Hiring Freelancers Featured

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Planning to hire new talents? But, you’re weighing the options- Freelancer OR Regular Employee. We’re here to help you out!

Every organisation comes across a phase where hiring talent to expand the business is the need of the hour, but hiring full time employees may not be the only option. Today’s hiring climate is undergoing a major shift; the significant factors like limited resources and the competitive environment are paving the way for organisations to seriously consider the freelance option.

Irrespective of whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, this is high time for you to critically consider Freelance Revolution and take benefits for your business growth.

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In this blog, we will share the 4 Business Benefits of Hiring Freelancers. Here we go!-

  1. Flexibility to Suit Business Requirement

    One of the most important aspects of hiring a freelancer is their flexibility to the job. Freelancers are the resources who manage their time and deliverability as per the client’s requirement. Typically, in a startup & small business organisation, work pressure may increase or decrease at times, here comes freelancer very instrumental as they get flexible with the job deliverables at client’s demand. They’re the quick resources to the temporary tasks.

    Also, freelancers are flexible with long term or short term or limited scope project. They pick the tasks provided by the client organisation on priority depending on the requirement.
  2. Hire Experts in Various Fields

    Hiring an expert skill is not a difficult task anymore! You can hire a skilled freelancer for a particular project/task for a limited time period. It would be far more efficient for a business to hire an expert knowledge of a freelancer, rather than spending time on hiring & training the team for the same. Hiring freelancers for projects provide scope to the business to focus on important aspects of the projects/campaigns of the business. What could be better for a business organisation than hiring a skilled freelancer and getting the work done at a reasonable rate in a limited period of time!

    Another important reason for hiring freelancers is that they’re expert in their respective fields and bring expertise along with their network & referrals. Above all, the advancement on the technology has made it possible for the organisations to hire freelancer from various part of the world. 

    Thanks to the new gig economy, you’ve the access to the worldwide talent from various fields. Some of the best talents are available on www.dolancing.com who are working on a part/full time basis as freelancers. Just sign up and get started Now!

  3. Control on Overheads

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    One of the smartest way to lower business overhead cost is to hire freelancers, instead of full-time employees. Since, freelancers work remotely, the business could save on costs such as office equipment & supplies, Parking charges, & employer provided benefits. In addition to these, employers are also mandatorily obliged to pay employee social security & insurance payment. These expenditure hits the organization’s bottom line by 20-30%, depending on tax jurisdictions. So, one can say, the scope of expenditure is much bigger than just salary in hiring an employee.

    Hiring freelancer could help organization to meet its objective to reduce the expenditure on overhead cost & avail the services of experts at an affordable cost.

  4. Reduce Hiring Burden

    We do not need to reiterate the fact that hiring a regular employee is a time and money consuming process. It involves multiple steps- screening of resumes, interviews, hiring, and orientation program. Moreover, hiring regular employees adds up to the fixed cost of the organisation. Due to the tight situation of cash in the starting phase of a business, it is difficult to pay heavy salary to the best of the talents available in the market. 

    It is in the best interest of the startups, business units and enterprises to hire skilled freelancers, without wasting much effort and money.

The Gig economy has bestowed an opportunity to startups, small business organisations and enterprises to take advantage of these available talented freelancers in the market by hiring them for your business. If you’re looking to hire one, go ahead and get started NOW!-

Hire a freelancer Now!

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