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Who are freelancers? How to get started as a freelancer? Featured

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Freelancers are the ones who work independently with one or more clients/employers at a time. The nature of work / project undertaken majorly depends on the freelancer’s marketable skill set, project duration, organizational requirements and more. While freelancing is thriving and gaining popularity among the workforce, there are many who wonders at the idea of the freelancing and consider it as a low paying job.

In this blog, we will usher you to the field of freelancing and suggest you how to get it started? But, before we proceed, here’re a few taking from the 2016 Freelance Trend-

  1. Freelancing is catching up with the full-time employment- 40% of the workforce earns their livelihood from freelancing.
  2. The income of freelancers is directly proportional to their work experience in the industry as a freelancer.
  3. Startups are looking up to the freelancers for scaling purposes.
  4. Many part-time freelancers are planning to take up Freelancing as a full time career.

Firstly, we must thank to the ‘Digital Era’ which has led us to connect with the world in a few taps. Thousand of skilled people are capable to work and earn their livelihood at ease, without getting slogged for 9-to-5 daily. What a relief! Isn’t it?

Being a Freelancer, you get an opportunity to be your own boss, choose your own schedule, and set your services/offering for the target clientele. Freelancing offers ample of flexibility; one can opt to work as a part time freelancer or a full time freelancer, work while sitting on the couch or while on the move, while sipping a coffee at home or at a café. The hiring clients share the job requirements and offer job specifications to the freelancer while the freelancer has to meet the job deadline and provides quality work as per the job specifications.

While freelancing sounds exciting job to many, it has a certain set of disadvantages- irregularity of job, difficulty to find the right clientele and challenges to manage multiple clients at a time. Here the tyranny doesn’t end, many consider freelancing as a free or low paying work. Sigh! But, if you’ve a marketable skill set and you’re ready to take a plunge in this industry, we’re here to assist you!

How to get started as a freelancer?

Well, becoming a freelancer is very easy. As we told you, the ‘digital era’ has changed the entire game. Starting a freelancing career is as easy as finding freelancing websites. So, all you need to do is follow these simple, below given steps and get started your freelancing career now!

Find your marketable skill: Choose wisely from the array of your skills, what skill set you’d love to offer to the hiring clients. Remember, you first need to explore your own skills. It’s all about you and what evokes interest in you!

Determine the target clientele: To reach out to the target customers, you need to first understand the market. Who needs your services? How often your services would be required by the hiring clients? Also, you may need to further inquire if you need to target to the niche of your services. For instance, if you’re a photographer, you may need to decide on if you want to serve as a wedding photographer, or a fashion photographer, or a wildlife photographer.

Build a portfolio and get testimonials: Once you’re clear about the services and the market, you need to build a strong portfolio displaying some sample work. You may use LinkedIn or a freelancing website, such as www.dolancing.com, to register and create a portfolio. Ask for references and testimonials to your professional network & clients.

Determine the price for your service: You should be able to cover your overhead charges, and earn your living. Also, do consider the market rate of the services you'd provide.

Reach out to the clients / contact your professional network: It is important to keep in touch with your contacts and build new ones. Reach out to your professional network and also bid on various projects available on freelancing websites.

Freelancing could be an interesting field, if you’re a self-motivator. The key to success is to deliver the job on time, provide high-quality work, and being good at keeping a relationship with your clients as they’re your brand ambassadors.

Check out our website www.dolancing.com to find recently listed (freelancing) job from various categories. Also, reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you’ve any queries regarding freelancing. We’re all ears!


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