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Freelancing Versus Regular Job - Beginners Guide to Consider Featured

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In the last blog, we ushered you to the world of freelancing and elucidated about Freelancing along with the tips on how to get started. Visit Who are freelancers? How to get started as a freelancer? for a quick reference.

A surge in self-employment has been observed in the last few years. Among various reasons, a few of them are like technology advancement, economic uncertainty, cultural phenomenon and changes in work culture. Freelancing forms a subset of self employment. Many look up on freelancing as a low paying and non-serious job, while others consider it as a lucrative option to earn income as well as dedicate time to follow their passion.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of Freelancing Versus Regular Job along with the various parameters which will help you understand them better. Before we start, let’s take a quick look on the definitions.

Freelancing is a subset of self employment where freelancer works independently with one or more clients/employers at a time. Those who freelance are called freelancers. While in a full-time job, there is a contractual relationship between employer and employee where an employee works for an organization and paid on a regular basis.

Let’s us clearly understand, there is no black and white. They each have their own advantages as well as disadvantages, and which one fits you depends on your personality and your requirement about how do you want to work. To make it simple, we’ve come up with the important factors for you to consider. Here it goes!-

1. Work-life Balance

Work-Life Balance is one of the most significant aspects which have gained world-wide attention in the recent time. It has been found that employees often grumble about the extended working hours- which is beyond ‘nine-to-five’ and virtual availability on the digital platform at any hour of the day. As a matter of fact, salaried employees have lesser control on their day-to-day schedule and have minimal work flexibility.

How does it work for freelancers?
Freelancers have a lot more flexibility. You can set your own hours, choose assignments, regulate work-pace, decide the work-rate and fulfill social & family commitments. As long as you submit the task/assignment on agreed deadline, you’re free to manage time as per your requirement. You can structure your daily schedule and work at your wish – working at night hours and fulfilling social commitments during daytime.

2. Job Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of the regular employees is the access to the job benefits- insurance benefits, allowances, parental leaves, paid leaves and more. This adds up to their social security, and financial & health well-being. Also, companies often organize training sessions for the skill development which are accessible only by the salaried employees. Besides, many organizations provide meals, recreation facilities, library access, monthly health check ups, workshops and more to their employees.

How does it work for freelancers?
As a freelancer, you do not get access to any of these benefits. Precisely, you manage things on your own. As a freelancer, you’re paid only for your specified services. No added benefits are provided which means, you’re responsible for your own insurances, telephone & internet bills, training & development workshops and any other expenditure.

3. Motivation

To encourage motivation in the workplace, organizations prefer to establish structured practices and tools such as appraisals, promotions, periodic performance evaluations, feedback, performance review, formation of rules & policies and disciplinary actions. These factors induce employees to meet the organization’s mission and vision in an effective manner. Generally, organizations keep track on employee’s performance and offer solutions to them in case of non-performance. A large part of the organization’s income is dedicated towards the skill development and training of the employees.

How does it work for freelancers?
Self-motivation is the key for freelancers. Freelancers are solely responsible to keep themselves motivated; there may not be any extra incentive by client/s for them.
A freelancer needs to market his/her own skill set, find assignments, negotiate terms & conditions with the clients, and submit the task in agreed timeline. This can be summed up as a freelancer should be capable to fuel his/her own drive.

4. Job Security and Stability

The desire for job security & stability persists in most of the people. While working as a regular employee, one is assured of receiving regular paychecks and other perks & benefits provided by the organization. In case of termination, the organization pays monetary compensation and a month notice period to safeguard employee’s interest. While, freelancers do not stand a chance to receive job stability and the benefits associated with it.

How does it work for freelancers?
For freelancers, there is no job stability. It follows an uncertain cycle where a particular month can fetch you loads of work and next month, you could struggle to find a single assignment/project. Hence, as a freelancer, you could face difficulty in managing financial affairs. If you lost a client, it may take some time to find another one. However, a freelancer could have more than one client at a time, hence if you lost a client, you can rely on the income from the other clients.

Having said that, let us remind you that an experienced freelancer earns relatively more than a regular employee with same experience level. Above all, freelancers get non-monetary benefits depending on the clients & its services.

5. Job Hierarchy

A regular employee has a defined set of people to work and hierarchy to follow, they are expected to work in a specified manner, and follow the rules & procedures as mentioned by the organization. As a salaried employee, you’re expected to work by the rules & policies of the organizations and follow the hierarchy for easy functioning of day to day operations.

How does it work for freelancers?
There is absolutely no hierarchy for freelancers, you’re a lone wolf. Freelancers do not get ample opportunity to network with employees of the client organization. Besides, freelancers are free to use their creativity in the task, and can work at day or night at their own willingness. Client organization may/may not provide a guideline to freelancer for reference; however s/he can use their creative side to bring out the best.

Things to consider:

While you’re considering the options between Freelancing and Regular Job, we would urge you to evaluate yourself and determine your nature and preferences. The stability of job and the perks & benefits associated with regular job may sound exciting, but do not forget that freelancing could open the doors of income as well as personal life well being.
Here is a concise list for you to consider:

  • Unstable income could bother you for a while: By no mean, we are saying that freelancing fetches lesser money than full time job, but the aspect of uncertainty is associated with freelancing. A particular month could fetch you multiple projects, while the other month couldn’t get you even a single project.
    Note: You can always avoid that situation by working on more than one project/assignment at a time. How does it sound?!

  • You would need to sell & market your own skill-set: You heard it right! As a freelancer, you would need to market and sell your skills to client/s. So, freelancing demands networking and you need to be good at selling / marketing of your skill-set. Precisely, you should be able to tell people how could you help them to grow their business! Example: You may be a software developer, but you should be able to communicate (sell your service) with the clients about how could you help them in their business.
    Note: We’ve a good news for you! You can register/login on www.dolancing.com & access various listed jobs by various clients. Finding the client/s is no more an uphill task!
  • Self motivation is the key: The key to success for a freelancer is self-motivation. As a freelancer, you may have to drag yourself out of bed at night to complete a task or you may have to work for long hours on a weekend and you may not get any extra incentive for that, but finishing a quality task on time always helps to garner relationship between client and freelancer.
    Note: Let us give you a positive dose- As a freelancer, you can work while sipping a chilled beer or a mocktail while sitting on a beach! :D You don’t need to sit at desk all day.

  • Learn to create daily schedule: Remember! As a freelancer, you may find it difficult to create your daily schedule. On a particular day, you may have a great deal of work and on another day, you’ll have umpteen time to hang out with your friends. You need to able to strike a balance.
    Note: Use time wisely! You can use free time to add value on your skill set- reading books, referring work of other experts, creating & updating work portfolio, work out and more.

  • Procrastination is Sin: Yes, a freelancer need to deliver tasks on time. And, you cannot escape this.
    Note: Build your reputation with the client/s by submitting the task on time. This helps you to retain client for long term.

There is no right and wrong to this discussion- whether you prefer to be a freelancer or a full-time employee. Every job has its own share of benefits. You may find freelancing more interesting and exciting than a regular job, while someone else may have a different opinion. But, keep it on mind- freelancing removes the barrier of limiting yourself to only one task for an organization. You can work for multiple clients at a time and take up those tasks which interests you. Freelancing opens umpteen opportunities for those who are willing to learn new things, and catch on with new development.

Meanwhile, if you have any further queries, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are all ears!


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