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Handy & Useful Tools for Freelancers

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Basically, freelancing is a technique wherein you should possess the skills to manage the challenging work, to check the progress, to be aware of the deadlines, to deliver the project in/on time and have your mind working in the background to come up with unique and vibrant ideas! Well, in short, it is more of a multi-tasking job. No matter if you are already at the peak of success or a very beginner, from learning tools to job seeking apps, these tools and apps have just got the right thing for you.

We’ve hand picked a mix of free & paid, easy-to-use tool for you. Give them a try and let us know your feedback. smile

Tools for freelancers

Here goes the list!

Project Management Tools

  • Basecamp: Basecamp is a web-based software which helps the team to be on the same page. As it is a real-time communication tool, it enables the users to keep track of the actions by providing calendar, file sharing, to-do lists, due dates sharing and more. Sounds good! Right?

  • Google Docs: An online tool comprising of the spreadsheet, word processor, presentation and form application under a single roof. It is free to create and edit any document online that can be collaborated with other users of the team in real-time.

Time Management Tools

  • Paymo: A simple and effective app for managing tasks, time tracking and generating invoices. A free plan, let you generate 3 invoices per month, track time for one member and store 1 GB data. As a freelancer, you can make use of this app to keep track on various clients & projects, assign task to others and generate bills! All this without having separate accounts and subscriptions for each individual need. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Time Doctor: One of the most popular tools among freelancers is Time Doctor. It provides a detailed & easy-to-read insight into the time spent on each task. Not only this, it also sends reminder as scheduled to benefit a freelancer, such as a visit on social sites for promotion, to make a call to set a meeting with a client, & etc.

Finance & Invoicing Tools

  • Wave: Wave is a cloud based application which helps you in accounting, invoicing, tracking tax & employee payroll, making payments & more. Credit card payments are also acceptable. It surely is a time saver as you can manage freelance finances in one single go! Interesting! Isn’t it?

  • Shoeboxed: Scanning and organizing the receipts just got quicker! Shoeboxed in an expense tracker that helps in generating reports, tracking mileage expenses, tax preparation, Shoeboxed application assure everything. Guaranteed!

Learning Tools & Applications

  • Hacker News: Hacker News is a social news website wherein the community polls for the best content submitted. It is a mixture of news that covers various aspects and fields which is beneficial to everyone. Check it out.

  • TED: Back then in 1984, TED was a conference collaborating the people from 3 different worlds: Technology, Design, and Entertainment. This should be a must visit as the site cheers us up with the inspiring talk of the industry leaders.

Legal Resources

  • Myows: "My Original Works" is a free, user-friendly app that assists you in registering your work, generating license and contracts, copyright solutions & more. It is ideal for writers, bloggers, designers, musicians and for the ones who create a copyrightable piece. Check Now!

  • Termsfeed: Termsfeed comes up with a handy solution for eCommerce businesses to safeguard their interest. It assists in creating legal documentation such as privacy policies, service terms, return policies, disclaimers, terms & conditions and more.

Proposal Tools

  • Qwilr: How about replacing that old, traditional PDF with a brand new, attractive and eye-catching Proposal? Exciting! Isn't it? Qwilr is an application that serves you with elegant and beautiful templates which you can make use to craft your ideas and enjoy your thoughts turning into a website! It also integrates with accounting apps and CRM which lets you automate sales process with an ease.

  • Proposify: Proposify is a tool which streamlines your proposal with a minimal time by providing stunning templates. It lets you control layout and typography, add snippets which can be a time saver for future reuse. To make it more attractive, it allows you to add videos to your proposal and also provides details about how long did the client watch your proposal and accepted or not.

Freelance Jobs

  • Dolancing: Dolancing is one of the India's most promising freelance marketplace wherein you can find genuine clients with project briefs, budgets and more. Register today & get more projects!

Although freelancing is exciting and flexible, it all depends on how well you scale your freelancing skills without being exhausted and overwhelmed by making use of these extraordinary tools. Thus, watching your earnings grow! Keep learning! Keep growing!

Note: We will come up soon with a new blog with more information on Promotion tools, Email tools, Backup tools, & more. Watch out the space for more!

Happy Freelancing!

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